Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Topics: 9 Travel Essentials

Linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for another round of Tuesday Topics! Today's topic is 9 travel essentials. :-)

{Cell Phone}

How did we ever get by without cell phones?! I remember back in High School NOT having a cell phone until I was a 16 year old driving maniac, and even then, the phones were pretty basic. Now you can do all sorts of fun things with a cell phone. It makes traveling a lot more entertaining.

I used to haul around my Kindle Fire when traveling so I would have something to do in the car, or on the plane.  That has since been replaced with my iPad.  I have my Amazon account linked, so all of my Kindle books are accessable on the iPad.  Again, another technological item that makes traveling a snap and much more entertaining.

I am picky about loofah's, so this is something I always pack when traveling.

{Extra Contacts}
I can't see very well without my contacts, and I am not the biggest fan of wearing my glasses, so, I make sure to pack extra contact lenses when going on a trip.

{Medicine of all kinds}
Excedrin, Tylenol, Pepto, Tums, Advil....you name it...I pack it.  You never know when you'll need a specific medicine, so I make sure to pack a nice variety. :-)

{Flip Flops}
It doesn't matter if I'm going somewhere cooler or warmer, I always take a couple of pairs of flip flops with me. 

{Comfortable Clothes}
Whether I'm on a plane or in a car, I try to dress in more comfortable clothing when traveling.  I feel more at ease....because let's just say I'm not the best traveler.  I tend to get stressed out easily....so I might as well be in comfortable clothes, right?!

I'd feel lost if I didn't bring some of my camera gear with me! :-)

{Extra's of almost EVERYTHING}
I tend to pack waaaayyyy too much, but, I like to be prepared.  So, that means, there are tons of 'extras' in my luggage: socks; clothes in general; batteries; chargers...etc...

Man, this makes me want to go on a trip!! :-) 

Happy Tuesday!


Helene said...

i wish i had a really really nice camera to bring with me on my trips! maybe next year!
Helene in Between

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I always take flip flops with me too! I can never have too many flip flops!

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